Hosted Landline (VoIP)

VoIP or virtual landlines help small businesses to connect with customers like large companies with reliable connections and low fees.

Don’t get tied to your office to connect with your customers. Make and receive that important call on the go.

  • Best Small Business Phone System
  • No setup fees, free install
  • No contracts
  • No hidden fees and charges

What you’ll get?

  • All pro-level hosted telephony services at low cost
  • Super cool mobile app to manage virtual landline, virtual telephone numbers
  • Call forwarding | group call forwarding
  • Call queuing
  • Auto attendant
  • Use multiple inbound virtual landlines for your virtual number, so if one is blocked, customers can still get through
  • Block or blacklist that annoying robocalls!
  • You can have more than one landline number!
  • Inbound and outbound calling

How do I set up?

  • It’s super easy like 1,2,3.
  • Choose your area code and place an order with us.
  • Tell us your mobile number on which you’d like to receive your business calls.
  • We’ll give you a local geographic number.
  • You’ll start receiving all your business calls on your mobile in a few hours.

Compare our plans with others

UTSBbOnlineAir Landline
Price £9.50 inc VAT £9.00 ex VAT£9.99 inc VAT
Minutes Unlimited mins100 minsNo calls included

UTSB international rates

Price A:

Price B:

Price C:


No, all business calls will be directed to your mobile absolutely free.
Not at all. The payment you see is the price you pay! If you customize your plan, you will be given the exact cost in advance.
Yes! If you have become more business savvy and want to buy 5 or more phone numbers, please get in touch. We’ll work out the best deal possible for you, so you start impressing your customers from today.
Although it is hard to say goodbye you can absolutely keep your number when you change providers. This process is called phone number porting. Porting fees may apply.
Yes. We can direct your Hosted Landline Phone (VoIP) number to any UK number – be it mobile of landline. Once you tell us about the change, we will redirect it for free.
Absolutely, yes! Even if you do not have multiple offices you can get a local phone number in many regions as you’d like. We are planning to expand in North America so you can appear local for your customers in the US or Canada.
It costs your customers the same as calling any landline number. All you pay is £XX a month. No hidden fees or charges. Calls diverted to your mobile all free.
John will get back to you quicker than you can say, “Gee, I wonder how long it’s going to take them to get back to me?” because he uses a cheap virtual landline.